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Concrete Removal

Some damaged and cracked concrete cannot be officially repaired. In this case, it must be cut out, broken up, and removed in a residential-, commercial- or industrial-friendly way. Typically a diamond saw blade or core drill will be used to cut the concrete or brick for removal. A machine with a heavy jack-hammer will demolish the concrete into smaller, transportable pieces. This can be extremely noisy and is coordinated with the customer.
Carl's Concrete Cutting & Drilling Inc. understands that keeping construction and demolition work at a moderate sound level is important to the public. We demolish or break up concrete and other masonry materials with our saw blades and leave no large toxic clouds or rubbish. These pieces become a manageable size for easy handling.

If you have any questions or just want your concrete job done right away, contact your Kissimmee, Florida, and surrounding area concrete service professionals at Carl's Concrete Cutting & Drilling Inc.

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